Monday, June 06, 2005

Dinner Arrangements - A public letter to my wife

Hey Sexy,

I’ve been thinking about dinner arrangements tonight and I think we could probably have it in bed.

When I get home from work tonight, I’m going to take you by the hand and lead you to the washroom for a bath with me. Not a shower to get us clean but a bath to get us dirty. I want to wash your body with my tongue and caress it with my fingers and finally cover you in suds. Then after you are clean, I’m going to shave your legs, under your arms and, of course, your pussy and getting you good and dirty again. You can try washing me but the more you wash me the dirtier I’ll get. Something tells me you’ll like that! Something tells me I will too!

I’m going to be such a tease to you by touching you in places that make you moan. I’m going to talk dirty to you the whole time because even though you are my angel you’re my slutty hot angel and I know you love when I talk dirty to you. You’ll be so wet and it won’t be from the water in the tub. You won’t be able to keep your hands off of my muscular body will you? I want tip the scale and make you cum so hard you think you’re in heaven. The only thing you'll want is more.

Maybe then, we can get out of the tub and into the bedroom. This is where I’m going to stop suggesting what happens. I’m sure we can figure it out from here. But, I wouldn't be a good waiter if I didn't suggest that following dinner we have desert and perhaps seconds ;-)

Love Always,

Your Horny Husband

Saturday, June 04, 2005

She rides me crazy

I'm so happy to say that all my life seems to be lately is going to work, getting off work, going home, then getting off.

On Thursday night, my wife and I, who have been living off of each other's sexual secretions for the past few weeks, get pretty worked up. Thursday night we got down to our regular business that we've both loved so much lately.We're both naked on our king size bed. My wife is laying across me while I start sexing her up by gently stroking her pussy, focusing on her clit. It doesn't take her too long to get her gears greased. She’s such a hot bitch.

She takes my prick, not yet hard, and begins to suck on it juicing it all up. She pulls up and a spit line crosses from my dick to her lips. There’s a magical connection between my hot wife’s lips and my cock. No different than the connection between my pussy hungry mouth and her vaginal. She them forcefully starts jerking my shaft. I start moaning and say "Tell me how you want to use my body tonight!"

She looks deep into my eyes and says "I think we should fuck." "Oh yeah? I wanna fuck too. I wanna cum in you" I say. "I want you to cum in me too." She says I feel her, she's so wet, I'm so hard. She's stroking me and I get her to stop to for a second so I don't pop right there on the spot. The dirty talk really gets me going. I need a second to cool off.

We start moving around to get into a better position. She wants to be on top. I grin. As I, sitting against the headboard, lift her very tight top up over her head I start licking and sucking her fucking amazing tits. It's been too long since I've covered them in cum, I think to myself.

She starts sliding down my shaft, slowly circling her ass like a hawk who is circling in for the delicious meat below. She puts her hands on my chest, caressing my pecks and I watch her tits glisten with my spit.

She's in control and she's grinding against me. It's driving me wild.

We continue grinding and licking and touching and kissing. She smiles at me as she reaches around and tugs my nuts. This is her signal to me that she wants me to blow my load.

I tease "I'm not gonna let you make me cum". She responds "Of course you will, I know you want to cum."

From under her, I pump and thrust as best I can and I groan a loud "FUCK". I think for a second about how our windows are open and how the neighbors can hear my orgasm. This, of course, only serves to make my cum more intense.

"FUCK" I moan again. This time a bit louder.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Oral Sex - You put it in your mouth

Lately my wife and I have been having TONS of oral sex. Oral sex is part of our regular sex bedroom acrobatics. I can't think of a time when we fucked that we didn't have oral sex first.

Even thinking about last night while I write this has got me all boned up again. Just thinking about the smell of wet pussy grinding against my face while I suck and lick the hell out of her clit gets my motor running something fierce. Listening to my woman moan and tasting her passion leak from between her legs into my eager yap, feeling all horny and wanting more.

I reach for my wife’s hand and place it on my shaft encouraging her to stroke me as I lick and suck her pussy.

I always try to make sure and get some of her love juice on her nipples too. They always get so full when I play with them. I love sucking her love juice off her tits.

We both talk dirty during sex. I tell my wife that I want her to cum in my face. At this point, I want all of the juice her pussy will make and I want it in my mouth. I want to drink it. And, I’m a thirsty motherfucker too!

She squeezes my nuts signaling she's about to cum which sends me into bonus round too. She's cumming on my face and I let my load out simultaneously. Our bed had quite a few yet spots but I don’t think either of us really cared.

We went to sleep sortly afterwards in each other’s arms.