Sunday, May 29, 2005

Soapy and Dirty

From the husband:

Last night we had a helluva lot of fun.

Everything started off like a normal Saturday night. We had a couple of drinks in the backyard, me with my shirt off cooking up some hamburgers on the grill.

After dinner, we had plans on going for a walk down by the beach. My wife wanted to shower first so I suggested we shower together.

I love showering with my wife. We don't just wash in the same space but we wash each other in a slow and methodical manner making sure to stop at every tender spot and offer a kiss as sacrifice to the Gods of eroticism. We use body wash instead of bar soap.

I always start off washing my wife's back. I push by genitals against her sweet ass cheeks and lather up her shoulders and neck. I lick down her spine then follow up with the sponge to make her clean. I hear her moan softly.

I ask her to raise her arm into the air and, from behind I begin washing her upper arms while licking and kissing in her armpit. There are secret tender spots that nobody touches. I love touching those spots.

I pay special attention while I soap up her ass and wash down her legs. I get on my knees and kiss her legs from top to bottom. My mouth fills with the warm water running off of my wife's body.

She turns around and I see her very erect nipples.

"Oh oh" I smile. She looks at my erection and smiles too.

I suck against her breasts. Licking and kissing. I hear her rate of breath increasing as she attempts to conceal the degree of her moans of pleasure.

After I've lathered her with licks and kisses I was her clean.

She takes the sponge in her hand and begins washing my chest and arms. She flicks her tongue against my nipples and they harden. My dick is fully erect and throbbing.

I smile as the sponge goes down lower, past my belly button. "Wash the dirty parts" I whisper.

My wife gets on her knees and takes my dick in between her lips while she suds my balls. She washes the sensitive spot between my scrotum and anus, back and forth and she moans around my shaft.

I lift my leg and place it on the side of the tub to better see my cock sliding in and out of my wife's mouth. She gives the best head.

My moans become groans and she knows that means I'm about to cum. She pulls on my scrotum for that extra intense orgasm while she sucks deeply on my shaft as I unload.

The hot water begins running out so turn the shower off and begin towing each other to dry. This night isn't over yet....


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